REAL life activity: Storytelling

Sunny Im-Wang, PsyD, SSP

Kids LOVE hearing stories, and very often they want you to make them up!

Out of ideas to “make up” your stories?  Don’t worry. Just pick a theme –sad, happy, or good old action– then, make up a character that resembles your child (same gender, age, appearance), then make him or her into a hero in your story.

Storytelling is a great way to have your child experience and overcome, through the main character, who learns an important lesson, saves the day, and/or have an adventure…all the while you’re spending time together with your child!

You can also make your stories into homemade books.  Nothing fancy, just pick four to five scenes from your story (if your child is older, you can do more) then draw those scene together or by him or herself and you add the words.

Here are some simple steps to begin the storytelling and book making activity.

  1. What kind of story?
    • Ask your child to name his or her favorite book or stories.
    • Ask who his or her favorite character(s) is and why.
  2. Try out some stories. You can also use a short story you both know in order to explore the following:
    • What is the title of the book? Who are the author and illustrator?
    • How does the story begin? What is the setting?
    • Who are the characters in the story?
    • What events happen in the story?
    • How does the story end?
    • What are your favorite parts of the story?
    • Was the story a funny, sad, angry or happy story?
  3. Ask how their story will go by revisiting the above questions.
  4. Count together the pages that will be used for the story.
  5. Discuss and decide which scene will go on the each page.
  6. Draw the scene for each page.
  7. Create the cover—what will be the book title?  Include the author’s and illustrator’s names. And, PRESTO, you have a book!

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